Too Many Pineapples

by Braxton The Porcupine

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Tim DiFazio
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Tim DiFazio Awesome fuzzy, vaguely emo lo-fi noise pop shit. Probably the coolest thing I've found on this site all year. I even like the spoken word samples which is absoluely unheard of. Plus he's got dat clutch cboyardee reference working for him so you know he's a chill guy Favorite track: What's Choking On Gilbert Grape.
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released June 28, 2014

Everything you hear is performed, written, and recorded by myself. (Excluding samples of course)



all rights reserved


Braxton The Porcupine Seattle, Washington

I make Lo-Fi bedroom music. I release all my Indie and Rock albums under "Braxton The Porcupine", and will soon release darker music under my one-man Black Metal project "Vekra"

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Track Name: Judgement Day
Combustion of our home
The innocence of nature taking a turn

The past crumbling away
The caddish melody
There will be no trace left in the tide
Track Name: Chasms
This thunderhead is back and I don't know what to do
You awoke me with a smile so pure, how unlike you
I have to find the will to hurt, just to escape from you
Visions as pure as majesty, I've forseen a tragedy

Desperate lives are striving
And I just don't know how
You work for your own ruin
And the deepest chasms collide
Track Name: A Lavender Painted Sky
A withering moon guides her beauty spun webs
A winning smile pointed towards the wheel
The howl of orphaned seas, the torrent rain
You call yourself my soul, my heart and sentiment
You call upon your prison, a prism

Connect these dotted lines
Lavender Horizons, a portrait so vivid
The world will awaken, as we paint this lavender sky
Track Name: What's Choking On Gilbert Grape
Nocturnal dreamscapes progress in my mind
The morning star roams free
A final truth we found
A look into your eyes, a fire burning down

A fire is where I'm found

Death took the final plea
You've stumbled upon this savagery
Track Name: Pelican Sweater
Nothing but a shadow
Death embraces life
Exhausted by the door, just a pearl in his heart
Look fortune in the eyes and you'll see the saving hand

The new raced forged
The needle askewed
Their planned transgression brewed

I still think and wonder if you'll be erased
A billowing chimera of horror will wade

Death took the final plea
You've stumbled upon this savagery
A billowing chimera of horror will wade

This is the horizon
A hopeless life, meets it's end
Track Name: Silver Swan
I conjure forth in my voice
As there is nothing withholding
Their inaudible singing, coming from the gutter
It wear proudly the sadness
It speaks of grief

Contemplate humanity
Only then you'll raise, the unholy banner

Illuminate this black horse
The cyclone
The steed of their misery

The invisible ink
Their compromised freedom